Additional Services

Heavy Oxidation Removal

The Heavy Oxidation Removal service will restore the Gelcoat on boats that appear significantly dull, faded or discolored due to heavy oxidisation where machine compounding alone will not remove heavy oxidation. If a white chalk like substance remains on your hands after touching the Gelcoat, this is an indication the boat is heavily Oxidised. This service requires additional steps be undertaken to first wet sand the Gelcoat in order to remove heavy oxidation, which is then followed by machine compounding and polishing steps in order to restore shine and gloss to the Gelcoat surfaces, and finally to apply a layer of durable protection to all surfaces. Note pricing is calculated per foot for boat lengths under 30 feet.

  • Wet sand all Gelcoat surfaces, May only be required if Gelcoat is heavily Oxidised. Test spot will determine requirement (1st step).

  • Machine compounding to remove sanding marks (2nd step).

  • Machine polishing to remove compounding marks and restore shine and gloss (3rd step).

  • Isopropyl wipe down to remove all compounding and polishing oils.

  • Spray Sealant protection applied to all interior and exterior Gelcoat surfaces (4th step).

Pricing starts from $5 per machine step (usually 4 steps) per foot in addition to the Wash and Wax pricing .

Top Side only - $10 per step per foot

Rub Rail down to water line only - $5 per step per foot

Entire Boat - $15 per step per foot

Headlight Restoration

Due to the effects of weathering, faded, crazed and yellowed headlights aren’t just unsightly, they may also create a safety issue.

The Headlight Restoration service will remove the foggy oxidisation, haziness and yellow discoloration that builds up on polycarbonate headlights over time, thus creating the effect of reducing road side illumination at night.

The Headlight Restoration service is a two stage process where the headlights are first restored to a near show room clarity, with the second stage being to apply a protective coating that will provide up to 12 months protection against re-oxidisation.

All vehicles types from $80

Engine Bay Detail

The Engine Bay service is designed to significantly enhance the look of your vehicle engine bay by removing all visible engine grease, dirt and grime, including the under Bonnet surface. The black engine plastic and rubber components are then coated with protectant to restore the look to near new condition.

All vehicles types from $150